Tracking time and attendance is essential for every business. Many businesses now provide work from home options after Covid19. However, it is quite simple to track their work if there is time or attendance tracking. Typically, it adheres to employee requirements, calculates benefits, and maintains proper payroll records.

Now looking at it from the office’s perspective, there has also been a significant rise in the installation of biometric attendance systems. Traditional time and attendance systems are now combined with biometrics. To track employee attendance and determine payroll, more and more companies are relying on biometric time clocks. Why? Because biometric technology makes tracking employee attendance very accurate and simplifies payroll computations.

But what exactly is a Biometric Attendance Management System? Let’s find out more about it.

Why Should Organizations Need Track Employee Attendance?

Why Should Organizations Need Track Employee Attendance_

The workplaces of today and thirty years ago are very different from one another. The guideline surrounding working hours, however, is where there is the most noticeable disparity. Flexible work schedules are no longer just a perk; they have become the norm.

For employees and the business as a whole, this tendency is fantastic. Employees can better manage their time, perform their errands, and operate in accordance with their natural production flow because they are not tired or sleepy when they get to work. The key to raising living standards and ensuring everyone’s happiness is flexibility in working hours.

There are strong reasons to keep track of the time people spend at work, even while granting them complete discretion over when and how long they work, which sounds like a fantastic idea and will boost their job happiness.

Now let’s look at five reasons why, even if your employees have flexible working hours, you should still keep track of their attendance with employee attendance tracker software.

Important Features of Biometric Attendance System

Important Features of Biometric Attendance System

Here are 5 essential features of biometric attendance software, discovered now! 

1. High Accuracy

No matter what else this advanced system can offer, the ability to correctly track your employees’ attendance can be worth the cost of admission on its own. It is impossible for someone to falsely claim to be present because there are so many different potential biometric signals.

Biometric attendance solutions also make it possible for your business to monitor any number of people at once without error or mischief. In fact, the Idaratech HR biometric attendance system can recognize employees in a group even if they are wearing a mask or using numerous biomarkers.

2. Eliminates Time Theft

A biometric attendance system provides this significant benefit, and the serious consequences of time theft should not be overstated. There will inevitably be instances of unintentional time theft, even if your staff have the best of intentions to act honorably and outstandingly.

Of course, not everyone is as honest as the best of us, making the ability to spot and stop deliberate timesheet fraud more crucial. Stopping intentional time theft can not only save you money. Still, it will also help create a positive work environment by showing that there are repercussions for misbehavior that can deter others from repeating the same mistake.

3. Offline Monitoring of Employee Attendance

The technologies for recording and storing employee attendance that we have been accustomed to over the years require constant internet connectivity. These biometric attendance systems cannot control the digital clock-in and clock-out timings of employees without internet access. 

This is why attendance solutions like Idaratech Attendance are considered an improvement over previous systems. These touchless devices will continue to operate in the offline mode to record and save attendance information even if the internet is down for any reason. Once internet connectivity is restored, they sync the captured data to the cloud database for safe preservation and convenient access.

4. Durability and Toughness

Verify the durability and sturdiness of the equipment you choose to purchase. Before you choose, take into account the weather, compatibility with a moderate amount of dust and filth, scratch-resistant optical sensors, etc. 

Going with tough and durable devices is always the superior option, even though some may seem stylish and cost you less. This manner, you can be certain that your reliable fingerprint sensor always operates flawlessly, regardless of external circumstances or handling that isn’t very delicate.

5. Support

It would be best if you also were on the lookout for after-sales support. Yes, installing and using biometric time tracking devices is simple, but it’s always helpful to have a solid after-sales support team. Reputable companies frequently offer both web assistance & on-site service support.

Make sure to look into each of the features stated above when choosing the ideal biometric attendance software for your company. Assure your decision is based on your company’s likely needs for several years in addition to your current situation.


Finally, the biometric attendance system is a simple and secure attendance management software. You must take into account all the crucial characteristics before setting up such a biometric attendance system. One of the greatest attendance systems is Idaratech Platform, which was created with the special characteristics needed for flawless management of attendance. To increase the productivity of your company, swap out your outdated attendance system for the most recent Idaratech HR’ attendance software for employee management.

It is unavoidable that biometric attendance management software may be used successfully in a variety of settings, including workplaces such as hospitals, retail establishments, and other commercial spaces. Additionally, the biometric software’s standard pricing encourages every business to integrate it into their system.

Therefore, for better administration, if you are already utilizing a biometric device to track attendance, we advise syncing it with a biometric attendance system. 


Question 1: What are the many types of biometric attendance software?

The following are the most typical designs of biometric attendance systems:

  • Fingerprint scanners: These technologies identify people by using their fingerprints.
  • Iris scanners: These technologies identify individuals by using the distinctive patterns in the iris.
  • Facial recognition systems: These technologies identify people based on their facial traits.

Question 2: What are the costs of using biometric attendance systems?

Depending on the size and features you select, a biometric attendance system will cost differently. However, if they become more widely available and less expensive, biometric systems can ultimately result in significant cost reductions compared to conventional timekeeping techniques.

Question 3: How can I select the best biometric attendance system for my business?

Carefully evaluating your requirements and financial constraints is the best method to select the ideal biometric attendance solution for your company. Your ability to compare many systems and select the one that is ideal for you will depend on how well you understand your needs.

For selecting a biometric attendance system, keep in mind the following supplementary advice:

  • Obtain estimates from various suppliers.
  • Check out online evaluations of various systems.
  • A system’s compatibility with your current payroll and human resources (HR) systems should be checked.
  • Inquire about the vendor’s support guidelines.

Question 4: What are some additional features that would be significant to me?

In addition to the crucial elements already mentioned, there are a number of other aspects that may be important to you, such as:

  • Access control: The system could be used to restrict access to specific regions of your establishment.
  • Time-tracking: The system can keep track of the hours that employees put in and produce reports.
  • Integration with payroll: The system can connect to your current payroll software to automate the payroll procedure.


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