Remote employment has become the new normal, rather than the exception, in the fast-changing corporate landscape across all industries. We’ve been sitting at home all day, focussing on our assigned professional obligations. Our superiors, such as our employers and managers, are responsible for keeping an “eye” on us when working remotely. When “employee monitoring” is brought up, bosses nod their heads in agreement, but employees can’t help but sneer. It’s a prevalent misperception that employers monitor their staff because they lack confidence. However, putting up staff monitoring and management software frequently benefits the workers.

First, it’s crucial to understand what the finest employee location monitoring software can and cannot perform. As a result of the frequent confusion. Sometimes, both managers and workers mistake it for nothing more than standard employee surveillance. However, it’s much more than that, as you’ll soon learn.

You can find out which apps, websites, and software your staff uses most often, track every minute of time and attendance, and do much more with the best employee location monitoring software. The best part is that team monitoring software provides this data in the form of trends and insights that can be used to improve team performance over time.

Imagine having a manager who has all-pervasive knowledge and visibility. You simply conjured up an image of contemporary work monitoring software.

What is Employee Location Monitoring Software?

Monitoring employee locations enables a company to monitor worker engagement in work-related tasks and track worker activities. A company can assess productivity, check attendance, maintain security, and compile documentation of the number of hours worked by adopting computerized employee monitoring. In the current digital age, sophisticated technology tools and the Internet can be used to execute employee monitoring. Employee surveillance is not a new concept but rather an old one. The timesheet was created as early as 1888. The process is smooth and productive due to digitalization and created software. Through employee monitoring, companies can measure not only productivity but also aspects like:

S. No. 



Screen sharing and recording


Email exchanges


Sites Opened During Work


Video/Audio Surveillance


Phone Usage


Preventing Security Breach in Real Time


GPS Tracking


Applications Usage


Internet Usage

Employers may track employee performance, attendance, and productivity using employee location monitoring software, ensuring workers make the most of their time. To verify adherence to corporate regulations and employee quality, these systems can measure time spent active, location, screen activity, browser history, cursor movement, and business calls. HR teams, managers of customer care teams checking that agents are performing properly, and managers of remote working teams are the most common users of employee location monitoring software.

Types and Features of Employee Location Monitoring Software 

Software that keeps an eye on employee computer-based activities is known as employee location monitoring software. They create data-rich reports that managers can interpret while running in the background on employee computers. 

Screenshots taken on a regular basis and file activity tracking are more sophisticated functions. They primarily aim to summarize employee productivity to identify any possible problems, such as time theft. Additionally, they may help in the detection of potential security risks such as excessive file downloading or printing.


  1. Video Survellion 
  2. Web and Application Activity Monitoring 
  3. Email Monitoring 
  4. Keylogging
  5. Employee Monitoring Software


1. Call monitoring: 

Call monitoring enables companies to log and listen to employee phone calls. To make sure that calls meet corporate requirements, they are examined.

2. Email monitoring: 

Employers can keep track of their employees’ email activity using email monitoring. Internal and external communications might be examined to ensure the employee is submitting the right deliverables and communicating in a way that complies with corporate standards.

3. Monitoring Internet usage: 

Web monitoring allows employers to see which web pages their employees visit and for how long. This provides more information on how time is spent overall and reveals whether a worker wastes too much time visiting sites unrelated to the workplace.

4. Screenshots: 

Screenshots offer further background information about internet monitoring. Real-time views of an employee’s computer screen are available to employers. Screenshots provide additional information about the suitability of a website that an employee is browsing for a work environment.

5. Time monitoring: 

Employers can monitor how much time employees spend on a project or website and use that information to gauge task efficiency.

6. Task tracking: 

Employers may see what work the employee focuses on, allowing management to intervene and communicate task changes to the employee.

7. Location tracking: 

The program combines GPS functions to track and monitor the whereabouts of personnel. When business property deliveries and pick-ups are involved, this is mostly useful. 

8. Alerts: 

This function notifies the employer when crucial protocols and secured locations are violated. 

9. Behavioral analytics: 

Employee monitoring systems are also concerned with behaviour metrics. Employers can better manage remote teams and concentrate on staff members who require more training or direction. 

How to Choose the Best Employee Location Monitoring Software?

Have you ever wondered how to choose the finest employee location monitoring software or right HR software for your company? I will be pleased to describe my approach. To fully understand the elements that set these systems apart, I drew on my years of expertise analyzing employee time-tracking data and my experience as a remote worker who was being tracked.

Employers can track an employee’s working hours and the caliber of their job with employee location monitoring software. The most productive workers are highlighted in reports, which aid businesses in visualizing the productivity of their entire workforce. Employees who have trouble concentrating at work are not the only ones highlighted by monitoring; it also identifies the top performers.

  • Core Functionalities
  • Check features 
  • Usability 
  • Software Integrations
  • Pricing


The article has come to an end. Now that you know how critical and essential a remote work monitoring solution is for this new working standard, I hope you can see why. You can save wasted time and ensure projects are finished on schedule with the help of the best employee location monitoring software. Doing this will ensure higher organizational success and help your staff in reaching their maximum potential.

If you want to use employee location tracking software to help your business flourish, Idaratech HR is the ideal option. Such software will make employees more focused on their work, resulting in higher-quality output.


Question 1: What Do You Mean by Remote employee location monitoring software?

It’s comparable to employee monitoring but for remote teams. The majority of employee monitoring tools that you use for your employees at work can also be used for your remote teams. However, you are not allowed to employ stealth mode in this situation. You should also only use it after carefully analyzing the legal requirements of the nation where the remote team is located. Continue reading to learn more about the tools for managing and monitoring remote work.

Question 2: What advantages come from using employee location monitoring software?

Employers can see a broad overview of the work their staff members produce while working for the company due to employee location monitoring software. In the era of remote work, this is extremely beneficial. Benefits of employee monitoring software include higher output, improved security, and increased savings.

Question 3: How does employee time-tracking software operate?

The employee time tracking software uses a variety of advanced functions to assess the general productivity of your employees.

Question 4: How can I continue to do business if I work remotely?

Now is a great time for evaluating your current employee relations procedures. Because your employee records are saved in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, a modern HRIS “Idaratech HR” will help you be more adaptive. If you have the employee’s files in an HRIS, they can also self-serve.

Question 5: What Software Is Best for Monitoring Employees?

It depends on the kind of employee location monitoring software you require—whether it is feature-rich enough to fulfill your needs or reasonably priced. Each company will try to portray their monitoring software as the best available. Idaratech HR is one of the best motoring solutions for all your company needs. Here, you can check to discover which program fully satisfies your needs.


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