Unleashing the potential of human resources has never been more important, and in Saudi Arabia’s changing landscape, HR software companies are leading the drive. In Saudi Arabia, where the economy is expanding quickly, and there is a strong emphasis on digital transformation, there is a rising need for creative HR solutions. With a compound annual growth rate of 82% anticipated over the next five years, current statistics indicate that the country’s HR software market is poised to reach previously unheard-of heights. 

These HR software startups are transforming how Saudi Arabian businesses manage their personnel, from integrated payroll administration to AI-powered recruitment tools. These businesses are equipping organizations to improve talent management, boost employee engagement, and support sustainable growth in the Kingdom through cutting-edge technologies, full HR suites, and individualized assistance. Get ready for a new era of HR excellence in Saudi Arabia, propelled by these outstanding HR software companies in Saudi Arabia.

HR Software Companies in Saudi Arabia

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Discover the leading HR software companies in Saudi Arabia that offer unparalleled services through their exceptional software solutions. 

S. No. Companies Founded Year Company Size


Idartech HR

2020 11-50 employees



2019 2-10 employees



2016 201-500 employees


Palm.hr 2018 51-200 employees


Artify 360

2019 51-200 employees



2008 1,001-5,000 employees



2014 501-1,000 employees

These cutting-edge software platforms are equipped with unique features tailored to suit the diverse needs of businesses, making them an invaluable asset for any organization.

1. Idartech HR

One of the top HR software companies in Saudi Arabia is Idartech HR, which provides a cutting-edge solution that does away with the need to switch between several applications for your HR activities. You can access an extensive, all-in-one platform with Idartech HR that seamlessly supports each stage of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. For your staff, enjoy the comfort of reduced scheduling and approval procedures. 

Utilize their user-friendly Time Clock function to control attendance with GPS/WiFi certification. With just a few clicks, you can easily share real-time staff reports. Ensuring prompt wage crediting, its automated payroll system prevents delays or difficulties. Their Work Chat tool makes Instant chatting within teams possible, promoting effective team collaboration. Upgrade your HR procedures with Idartech HR to usher in a new era of efficiency and simplicity.

Important features of Idartech HR

  • Onboarding & offboarding Management
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Reduces Manual Errors
  • Scheduling Management
  • Leave Management
  • Working Messaging

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2. BambooHR 

BambooHR was established in 2008 to liberate individuals from doing important work; this goal still serves as our compass. They enable HR professionals, workers, and businesses everywhere to streamline time-consuming chores and simplify complex processes so they can concentrate on supporting their employees, succeeding in their professions, and expanding their businesses.

A great workplace depends on its people. Giving HR the knowledge and time to work with people will enable them to create the kinds of cultures, rules, and personnel practices that free up entire organizations to excel in their fields. Furthermore, when you empower employees to care for themselves, they feel more valued and competent as contributors rather than just assets. BambooHR is intended to provide both functions. 

Key features of BambooHR – 

  • HR Data & Reporting
  • Employee Records
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Offboarding & Onboarding Management
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

3. PeopleHum 

Peoplehum is inspired by its desire to revolutionize employee experiences. Their primary focus areas include a customer-centric strategy, finding and hiring top talent, cultivating a culture of continuous learning and innovation, building an aspirational brand, and continuously delivering with unshakable quality and speed. 

They are committed to value-based prudence and accountability, ensuring every action drives measurable results. As a testament to their excellence, they were honored with the prestigious 2019 Global CODiE Award for being the best Human Capital Management Software provider. Join Peoplehum and embark on a transformative journey that elevates your HR practices to new heights.

Essential features of PeopleHum – 

  • Recruitment Management
  • HR Analytics Software
  • Performance Management 
  • Employee Engagement Software

4. Palm.hr

Palm.hr is one of the HR software companies in Saudi Arabia that can help your business increase productivity and efficiency. Within a single user-friendly interface, their comprehensive platform centralizes personnel data administration, automates payroll processing, and facilitates real-time performance tracking. You’ll receive unmatched customer care from Palm.hr, assuring a smooth and trouble-free transition to streamlined HR administration. 

You can ensure precise and error-free wage management by replacing manual processes with digital time monitoring. Their platform enables your staff to thrive and excel by fostering a favorable environment for productive teams. Trust Palm.hr to revolutionize your HR operations and usher your company into a new era of prosperity.

Key features of Palm.hr – 

  • People Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Payroll & Compensation
  • Onboarding and offboarding Management
  • Compliance & Integrations

5. Artify 360

Leading HR software companies in Saudi Arabia favor Artify 360, which has won praise for its user-friendly interface, affordable costs, and persistent dedication to first-rate customer service. Their all-encompassing software solution provides seamless integration for HR managers and business owners, guaranteeing a painless deployment procedure. 

Artify 360 includes all essential HR capabilities, including effective payroll management, simplified leave and attendance tracking, comprehensive staff training, and fast performance appraisal management. Utilizing Artify 360’s capability will enable your HR staff to operate at higher levels of effectiveness and success while increasing productivity. Trust Artify 360 to transform your HR processes and promote business growth.

Important features of Artify 360 – 

  • Payroll Management
  • Core HR Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Onboarding and Offboarding Management
  • Leave & Attendance Management

6. Ojoor

Ojoor is a dynamic community of ambitious Saudi youngsters committed to establishing a strong Saudi e-commerce environment. They work hard to provide the most solid foundations for the development of online businesses with a committed team of the most talented people from the Arab globe. They give unmatched services and solutions to their esteemed clientele due to their unwavering dedication to excellence. 

Ojoor takes great pride in officially recognising its business by the Saudi Arabian government, demonstrating its commitment to upholding the strictest rules and regulations. Join them on this thrilling trip as we expand the opportunities for e-commerce in the area and give companies the tools required to succeed in the digital age.

Essential features of Ojoor – 

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • HR Data & Reporting
  • Onboarding & Offboarding Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

7. ZingHR 

ZingHR is not just another HR solution; it is your dependable HR technology partner that fuses a big business’s know-how and experience with a startup’s creativity and adaptability. ZingHR provides a comprehensive array of products to help organizations manage their human resources successfully due to its in-depth expertise in HR operations and dedication to staying at the cutting edge of technological innovations. 

With ZingHR’s cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking attitude, you can be confident that you have the resources and support necessary to propel the success of your business, whether you need help with payroll management, talent acquisition, performance evaluation, or any other HR activity. Experience the power of ZingHR and take your HR operations to new heights.

Key features of ZingHR – 

  • HR Analytics
  • Payroll cockpit
  • Time, Leave & Attendance
  • Shifts and Scheduling
  • Recruitment
  • Digital Onboarding


In Saudi Arabia, innovation is the king among HR software providers. These forward-thinking businesses are transforming the HR environment through a constant pursuit of excellence, driving organizations to heights of success never before achieved. These businesses are the drivers of change, offering powerful analytics that offer priceless insights and cloud-based solutions that streamline workflows. They regularly change to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses in the Kingdom because they are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. 

These HR software companies in Saudi Arabia serve as trusted partners, enabling businesses to realize the full potential of their employees as it continues its path towards digital transformation. The revolutionary potential of these outstanding software suppliers puts a bright light on the future of HR in Saudi Arabia. Allow these HR software providers to lead you into a new age of HR excellence in Saudi Arabia as you embrace the possibilities and the future.


Question 1: What kinds of HR software companies are available in Saudi Arabia?

HR software companies in Saudi Arabia offer various solutions catering to various HR needs. These include employee self-service portals, payroll software, talent management systems, and HR and talent management systems.

Question 2: Can HR software solutions be customized to fit unique needs?

Yes, many HR software companies in Saudi Arabia provide individualized services to meet the particular requirements of various enterprises. They offer alternatives for customizing the software’s features, workflows, and reports to correspond with certain HR procedures and organizational needs.

Question 3. How can HR software providers make sure that data is secure and compliant?

Reputable HR software firms prioritize data security and compliance with privacy legislation. They adopt strong security measures like data encryption, safe access restrictions, routine backups, and adherence to industry standards like GDPR and ISO 27001.

Question 4: Do HR software companies in Saudi Arabia provide training and support?

Yes, most HR software companies provide thorough training and continuing assistance to ensure a successful implementation and user acceptance. To help companies successfully use the software, they offer training materials, tutorials, and specialized support teams.

Question 5. How can I choose my business’s best HR software company in Saudi Arabia?

When choosing an HR software company, consider their reputation, industry experience, feature set, scalability, integration skills, client feedback, and price structures. Considering how well their software connects with your specific HR requirements and future expansion plans is also critical.


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