Discover the power of HR System Software in Saudi Arabia, where innovation meets efficiency. The Kingdom is experiencing a tremendous rise in software companies committed to revolutionizing HR management because of its robust software environment. According to the statistica from 2023, there are more than 650 software companies with annual revenues of 500 million U.S. dollars or greater, each of which provides specialized services that enable businesses to optimize their workforce operations. 

These forward-thinking businesses use artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics to improve employee engagement, automate payroll procedures, and streamline recruitment. The HR System Software sector in Saudi Arabia has become a vital instrument for enhancing productivity, guaranteeing compliance, and driving organizational success from global corporations to small businesses. Prepare for a revolutionary trip into the unbounded future of HR management, where options abound.

HR System Software in Saudi Arabia

HR System Software in Saudi Arabia

S.No. Companies Founded Year Employee Number

Idaratech HR

2020 50+


2012 200+

Voyon Folks

2020 50+


2011 1000+


2016 200+


2018 50+


2017 50+

1. Idaratech HR Software

Leading HR system software in Saudi Arabia, Idaratech HR is made to fulfill the various needs of businesses. With its many features and capabilities, Idaratech HR provides a cutting-edge platform enabling organizations to optimize their HR activities. This program offers a wide variety of solutions that can be customized, enabling businesses to fit them to their own needs. It allows HR professionals to focus on other essential duties by automating repetitive operations, freeing them significant time. 

The overall employee experience is also improved with Idaratech HR, encouraging employee engagement and productivity. This program helps users make better decisions by offering insightful analyses of HR data due to its powerful analytics features. Idaratech HR is the best option for businesses looking for an effective and all-inclusive HR solution, whether they need to manage personnel data, time and attendance, payroll, or performance reviews.

Specialities of Idartech HR Software – 

SaaS, HR, Self-Service, Artificial Intelligence , HRMS, and IT

2. Bayzat Software 

Bayzat is a top-notch HR system software in Saudi Arabia committed to resolving actual issues Saudi Arabians confront. With a strong focus on continuous learning and innovation, Bayzat regularly develops and adds new features in response to the unique requirements of its consumers. This software enables organizations to advance their operations by providing a cutting-edge platform for managing HR, payroll, and employee benefits. 

Organizations may optimize their HR procedures and guarantee accuracy and efficiency by using the full spectrum of technologies offered by Bayzat. Furthermore, the software’s user-friendly layout and straightforward functionalities make it simple for businesses to navigate and utilize. Whether managing employee data, automating payroll procedures, or handling employee benefits, Bayzat offers a dependable and cutting-edge solution for optimizing HR operations in Saudi Arabia.

Specialities of Bayzat Software – 

HR Solutions, and SaaS

3. Voyon Folks Software 

Voyon Folks is a rapidly rising Saudi Arabian startup specializing in HR system software. Voyon Folks, emphasizing Marketing Automation Development, provides a comprehensive solution for Saudi Arabian organizations. Even for clients with little experience with technology, their team of highly qualified professionals ensures that their integrated human resource management software is practical and easy to use.

Organizations can improve employee productivity by streamlining HR procedures due to this software. Businesses can easily manage employee data, monitor attendance, automate payroll processes, and much more with the help of Voyon Folks’s HR system software. Companies may quickly adopt and efficiently use the program due to its user-friendly interface and numerous capabilities.Voyon Folks’s dedication to providing user-friendly and efficient HR system software makes them an excellent alternative for Saudi organizations.

Specialities of Voyon Folks Software – 

HR Software, Payroll Software, Human Resource Management System, HR Analytics, Cloud Transformation, and BI

4. PeopleQlik Software 

PeopleQlik provides outstanding human resources management system software to promote a more connected and active workforce in Saudi Arabia. Their user-friendly HRMS System offers the ideal solution for businesses looking to improve HR procedures, employee engagement, and communication. Companies can expedite several HR operations with the help of PeopleQlik’s software, including maintaining employee data, monitoring attendance, processing time-off requests, and automating payment procedures. 

The program streamlines HR processes by centralizing these tasks, which helps to save time and money. The HR system software developed by PeopleQlik also makes it easier for workers to collaborate and communicate, increasing total output and teamwork. Performance management tools and employee self-service portals are only a few services the platform offers to encourage employee engagement. Companies in Saudi Arabia can use PeopleQlik’s HR system software to revolutionize their operations, resulting in a more efficient, connected, and engaged workforce.

Specialities of PeopleQlik Software –

HR & Payroll Software, Talent Management Software, Employee Management Software, Data Analytics, and sales

5. Peoplehum Software 

A popular HR system software in Saudi Arabia, Peoplehum provides a smooth and user-friendly experience. Peoplehum ensures a smooth and hassle-free adoption process with easy onboarding, training, monitoring, and scalability. Organizations can easily access and use the software’s features because it combines the elegance of technology with the power of simplicity. 

Additionally, Peoplehum’s platform has strong multilingual support and native localization built-in, ensuring it complies with Saudi Arabian standards. This HR system software provides a single platform with a built-in ecosystem, enabling organizations to expand and change to meet their needs. Peoplehum offers a complete solution that adjusts to the changing needs of a business, whether it is maintaining employee data, conducting performance reviews, or optimizing recruitment procedures. Saudi Arabian companies can streamline their HR procedures and increase productivity with the help of peoplehum.

Specialities of Peoplehum Software –

Predictive Analytics, Employee Management, Human Resource Management, and HR Technology,

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6. Zimyo Software 

Zimyo is a significant HR system software in Saudi Arabia that has revolutionized sales, marketing, and service processes since its inception in 2018. Zimyo provides organizations with reliable HR management software while significantly emphasizing digital transformation. Their devoted team is committed to giving customers software that meets their needs and demands since they recognize the value of customized solutions. 

Businesses can automate payroll activities, handle employee data effectively, improve recruitment procedures, and do much more with Zimyo. This software streamlines HR management and boosts productivity with its extensive features and user-friendly UI. Organizations in Saudi Arabia can improve their HR procedures and reach new heights of effectiveness and efficiency using this powerful software. When looking for cutting-edge, specialized HR system software, companies may trust Zimyo.

Specialities of Zimyo Software –

Cloud HRMS, HR Intelligence, Performance Management, ATS, and HRMS

7. ZenHR Software 

ZenHR is a well-known HR system software company in Saudi Arabia that strives to be the best provider of HR software solutions in the MENA area. Their full range of HR software services is created to meet the various requirements of enterprises. The workplace culture of ZenHR is focused on encouraging work-life balance, honoring workers’ accomplishments, providing competitive benefits, and cultivating a people-first atmosphere. Employee management, attendance monitoring, leave management, and performance evaluation are just a few HR procedures made simpler and more automated by the program. 

Organizations may streamline their HR procedures and improve productivity using ZenHR’s user-friendly design and robust features. Additionally, ZenHR’s dedication to employee well-being and satisfaction fosters a healthy workplace culture that increases employee engagement and retention. ZenHR, a reputable HR system software, is committed to offering top-notch solutions that enable Saudi Arabian companies to improve their HR procedures and foster organizational success.

Specialities of ZenHR Software – 

Human Resource, payroll records, Attendance, Performance Evaluation, and Employee Self-Service


The HR System Software landscape in Saudi Arabia is a thriving ecosystem of innovation and advancement. Businesses now have a perfect opportunity to realize the full potential of their HR management due to the plethora of software providers at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. These forward-thinking software companies are revolutionizing how businesses run, encouraging seamless integration, and giving HR managers the tools to successfully handle challenging workforce issues. 

The opportunities are endless, whether it’s automating payroll management, improving employee engagement, or expediting recruitment procedures. Accept the power of HR System Software in Saudi Arabia and embark on a transforming journey towards effectiveness, productivity, and prosperity. Join the ranks of these forward-thinking software companies to experience the future of HR management that will transform your company. Take advantage of the time, improve your HR procedures, and give your employees more authority for a better future.

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Question 1: What benefits include HR system software in Saudi Arabia?

Numerous benefits are provided by HR system software, such as faster hiring procedures, automated payroll administration, increased worker involvement, and improved adherence to regional laws.

Question 2: Do Saudi Arabian software companies offer any distinctive features?

Saudi Arabia software companies frequently provide distinctive features such as localization to fit regional specifications, connection with regional government systems, multilingual assistance, and extensive reporting and analytics capabilities.

Question 3: Can Saudi Arabia’s HR system software be modified to meet particular company requirements?

Yes, many software providers offer customization options so that the HR System Software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization, assuring the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Question 4: How can businesses in Saudi Arabia choose the best HR System Software company?

Businesses can select the best provider of HR System Software by weighing aspects like industry expertise, client feedback, the variety of features supplied, scalability, customer support, and compatibility with existing systems.

Question 5: Are there any affordable solutions for HR system software in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, idartech HR is the best and affordable HRMS software, such as subscription-based business models, to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes and financial capacities.

Question 6: Can Saudi Arabia’s HR system software be connected with other corporate software?

In Saudi Arabia, most HR system software has integration capabilities with other company software, such as accounting or project management tools, enabling smooth data interchange and workflow automation.

Question 7: How long does it take to establish HR System Software in Saudi Arabia?

The installation duration can vary based on the complexity of the organization’s requirements, but software companies often provide help and guidance throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition.


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