Accurate time tracking is important for employees and employers. Work Hours Calculator Software can be a time-changer as a manual time-tracking work hour calculator can be a time-consuming and erroneous process. Automating working hours can be time-saving, reduce errors and help streamline payroll processes. 

In this article, we at Idartech HR help you to understand the usage and advantages of Work Hours Calculator Software for employees. 

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What is Work Hours Calculator Software? 

How to select the best Work Hours Calculator Software for your Business

Pavel Stevanov rightly said,” Time is one of the most valuable resources. So, tracking how we use it specifically for business is a good practice.” 

Businesses have always strived to calculate and analyze the working hours of their employees since the beginning of the industrial revolution. However, time tracking has become quite simple due to technical advancements in the last century. 

A time calculator or time sheet for work tracks the Time an employee spends on every assignment. It tracks the working hours of each employee through inputs of shift start and end timings. Time calculators also provide additional information on breaks and overtime taken by the employees. 

Work Hours Calculator Software is helpful for HR professionals in calculating net and gross pay, hourly wages, tax deductions, and other costs affecting employee income. Additionally, it is well known for its advantages in preparing payrolls and work-hour estimates for organizations looking for cost-effective strategies in people management. 

Why is it significant for businesses to calculate work hours?

Why is it significant for businesses to calculate work hours

Do you believe that your employees are not timely reporting to work? Then it would help to use an Online work hour calculator to track working hours and evaluate your organization’s productivity standards. The following points show the importance for businesses using time-tracking software at the workplace :

  • Time and Cost Effectiveness: Employee time card calculator can save Time and cost by automating the calculation of working hours. Switching from paper sheets to online work hours calculators can save countless working hours. 
  • Tracking Employee Productivity: The work hour calculator can enhance employee productivity by reminding them to minimize time wastage. 
  • Impartial Calculations: The employee workday hour calculator ensures impartiality by providing accurate calculations and eliminating probable human errors. It promotes fairness in calculating working hours which are crucial for payroll calculations, tracking overtime, and other people management purposes.  
  • Minimizing Time Theft and Fraud: Attendance scams, buddy punching, human errors and employee productivity are becoming increasingly common in corporates. Cloud-based time and attendance systems can avoid such infractions, save Time and boost employee productivity. 
  • Optimizing Payroll Management: ​​Automation can save up to 80% processing fees by minimizing manual processing and human error. Time-tracking software seamlessly integrates with payroll systems. It directly transfers employee work data, eliminates the requirement for manual data entry, and minimizes the risk of data discrepancies. 
  • Notification on Employee Attendance Issues: Employee time calculator enables instant access to reports and data related to repeated absenteeism. It also sets automated alerts for tracking employee behavior. In this way, it allows employers to make better decision-making and enhance employee productivity and alertness. 

How does the Work Hours Calculator Software Work?

How does the work hours calculator software work

The work hours calculator can be directly installed on the PC or mobile. It is a modern way of computing the number of working hours. The website server would record data after clicking the clock in and out button. 

The work hour calculator software computes employee working hours in the following manner:

  • Tracking Work Hours: The employee work hour calculator software monitors the work log entered in real-time and highlights absenteeism and fewer working hours. 
  •  Creating Reports: The software creates reports based on recorded data of employee working hours. It selects report parameters, report types, customization of report layouts, sets calculations, and schedules automated reports for creating customized reports according to the needs of the HR professionals and the organization. 
  • Time-Item Customization: The employee work hour calculator software allows employees to enter clock in and out manually or through an automated tracker. They can manually enter the Time taken to complete a task in an Excel spreadsheet. In this manner, they can determine the Time spent on that task in the future. 

Furthermore, time tracking can also be done using a time that automatically traces the working hours spent on each task. However, the employees must also remember to pause the Time while taking breaks. 

Features of Work Hour Calculator Software 

Features of Work Hours Calculator Software

The effectiveness of a work-hour calculator can be determined by its features. So, here are the features of an effective time-tracking tool:

  • Employee Attendance: The attendance software helps identify and warn the employees with irregular attendance by maintaining accurate attendance records.
  • Time-Tracking: The attendance management software records the Time the employees spend on routine organizational tasks. It comprises clock in and out times, active and idle time and time spent browsing websites and applications for professional use. 
  • Report Generation: Reports and analytics offer valuable insights regarding employee performance against the set targets. These analytics also help the organization upgrade its employee numbers based on the latter’s current performance. The reports offered by the time attendance software include:
  • Tasks completed by the employees
  • Weekly or monthly idle time and work hours 
  • Project Management: This feature is a bane for all project managers. Organizations can gauge each project stage as it moves towards completion, which integrates a sense of accountability essential for meeting project objectives and timelines.  
  • Timesheet Calculation: The timesheet feature calculates the work done by each employee in the form of billable hours. It also calculates the clock-in and clock-out times of all the employees. In this way, the organizations can:
  • Simplify the invoice processing work 
  • Verification of the work done with the billable hours
  • Estimation of the expenses arising in the future with the help of a timesheet database
  • Payroll Management: The payroll feature is an automated process to maintain the payroll management software’s accuracy, accountability, and transparency. It prevents unwanted discrepancies and disputes by minimizing the scope of committing errors. 
  • Productivity Calculation: It clarifies the active and idle hours the employees spend in a day. The workforce productivity software gives a detailed breakdown of the task that includes the following details:
  • Total Working Hours
  • Active and Idle Hours
  • Productive and Non-Productive Hours
  • Neutral Hours

               In this way, it reveals the ups and downs of the productivity levels of the entire organization. 

  • App Integration: The time tracking software should be flexible to incorporate various useful techniques and tools for easier management. Integrating apps with project management tools and CRM tools enables the management to gather useful insights for implementing important strategies for maximizing performance. Furthermore, app integrations shed light on the challenges affecting the progress of tracking employees’ productivity.

Usage and Advantages of Work Hour Calculator Software 

Apart from the ones discussed above, here are some more usages and advantages of Work Hour Calculator Software:

  • Avoiding Burden of Overwork: Hour work calculator provides clear visibility of working hours and automatically tracks and calculates overtime hours. It also monitors breaks and rest periods to promote a healthier work-life balance. 
  • Accurate Client Billing: Organizations suffer from billing issues as they cannot calculate the log time and services provided. Often companies execute these processes manually, which increases the chances of committing errors. Employee hour calculator avoids such errors and improves billing standards, improving work quality and client experiences. 
  • Discovering Areas of Improvement: Evaluating work time enables finding unidentified business areas requiring improvement. For example, if somebody is consistently working for long hours without a break, it is necessary to give flexibility to avoid burnout and affect productivity. An effective work time tracker retrieves the employee’s work details and informs them about their work behavior, resulting in better employee productivity and engagement. 
  • Effective Management of Projects: The employee time-tracking software gauges the business’s workflow. This enables the management to evaluate the effective allocation of tasks to employees left with some space by checking their work burden and assigning them tasks accordingly. 

How to select the best Work Hour Calculator Software for your business?  

How to select the best Work Hours Calculator Software for your Business

The time clock attendance software of  idartech HR automatically records the clock-in and clock-out times of your entire workforce, including on-site and remote workers. It tracks all employees’ working hours by generating detailed reports of the late punch-ins and early punch-outs, along with overtime and reduced working hours. 

Some of the examples illustrating our services are:

  • Evaluation of the employees working more or less than the required hours.
  • Monitoring of the productivity levels of the employees throughout the day.
  • Identification of the Time when their productivity level drops during the day.
  • Examining their web and app usage on the company’s devices.
  • Determining which employees should get the promotion in the company based on their performance.

Final Thoughts

Effective work time management enables a company to gain a competitive edge. The insights from time-tracking software help steer the company in the right direction. It enables putting the strategy into action and ensures every manager and team member works towards achieving common goals and vision of the company.

Employee time calculator software by Idartech HR enables HR professionals to learn about every employee’s activity. Consequently, their workloads can be monitored and managed accordingly. You can try Idartech  immediately to enhance your employee’s productivity and minimize time wastage. 


Question 1:What is work hours calculator software, and how does it work? 

A work hours calculator software allows a business to collect crucial information about employee clock-in and clock-out timings through a timesheet. It helps track the working hours and prevents missed deadlines at the initial stage. 

Question 2: What are the usage and benefits of employee work hours calculator software?

An employee work hours calculator software automates work processes, saves Time and cost, boosts employee productivity, and minimizes human errors by seamlessly integrating with time tracker apps.  

Question 3: How can work hours calculator software enhance employee productivity? 

The employee time tracking software identifies and warns employees of irregular attendance by maintaining attendance records. It also generates reports and analytics for calculating billable hours, tracking idle and productive work hours, and the tasks completed by the employees. 

Question 4: How can companies select the best work hours calculator software suitable for their requirements?

An effective work hour calculator software has features such as a cloud-based attendance management system, Time tracking software for evaluating the clock in and out timings, generating reports regarding the projects completed by the employees, project management software for integrating a sense of accountability, timesheet calculation for simplifying the invoice processing process, verification of work done with billable hours and estimation of expenses arising in future through timesheet database. 

Question 5: How does work hours calculator software help companies comply with labor laws and regulations?

According to Saudi Labor Laws, every employer must keep accurate time records for daily and weekly hours. Employee work hours calculators comply with the labor laws by creating overtime rates for extra hours worked by the employees and setting consistent breaks as per the applicable labor laws. It also helps calculate accurate wages for every employee, leaving no room for misunderstanding and complaints. 



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